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Bijoux Rocks is a line of jewellery which draws inspiration from the traditional meaning of semi precious gemstones and world symbols. Bijoux Rocks is jewellery with spiritual meaning and each collection is inspired by yoga, peace, spirituality, love and beauty.

The Bijoux Rocks collections are created in rich, lush semi precious colours and stones inspired by the East and world cultures.  

We believe in the significance and healing powers of semi precious gemstones and we source them from around the world.  

Our jewellery is designed to be worn as jewellery with a meaningful purpose and to inspire a spiritual connection through the charms and symbols we use in our jewellery.   

The materials we use are of the highest quality - we use high grade semi precious gemstones enhanced with sterling silver and gold vermeil spiritual charms and components.  

The Gold and Silver used in our designs is sourced from the beautiful islands of Thailand and Bali, Indonesia. Using Karen Hill Tribe silver and gold and Bali Silver extensively, our unique silver and gold charms are handmade by native craftspeople and sourced directly from local independent artisans. 

Everything from the type of semi precious gemstones and charms used in our jewellery has a significance and meaning.  

The jewellery is designed to be collected, worn and given with meaning and love.  Pieces are designed to be layered and worn together with various charms being used to link collections together.